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Would you like your users to have immediate and ultra-fast access to information using just their browser? QuestFields technology provides the answer!

QuestFields® is a powerful yet surprisingly easy-to-use new ultra-thin smart client/server technology that turns ordinary HTML data fields into supercharged mini-client/server environments. Each QuestField provides up to millions of simultaneous users anywhere in the world with immediate access to data stored anywhere on the Internet -- all the while saving the customer many times its cost every year!


QuestFields are an “end-to-end” system that can link virtually any web client with virtually any server to provide the kind of data access, retrieval and manipulation capabilities never before possible on the Internet. QuestFields are, in fact, the “magic bullet” that web application developers have been waiting for since the web browser was first introduced. Now, web applications can have the same powerful client-side user interface features and data retrieval performance that has been enjoyed for decades by standalone and client/server applications.

QuestFields are so affordable and so easily implemented that every Internet, intranet, or mobile web site in the world, large or small, can use them. Amazingly, adding the power of QuestFields to a web site requires no redesign or custom development.


QuestFields offer owners of Internet, intranet, and mobile websites many significant online data management advantages:


QuestFields substantially improve the web browser user experience by providing web-based applications with the data retrieval and management capabilities heretofore available only on standalone computers and LAN workstations;


QuestFields facilitate searching for unfamiliar data by providing users with immediate feedback about the validity of their query as they type;


QuestFields are ideally suited for large, remote databases that cannot easily or quickly be searched using current web browser technologies;


QuestFields improve data entry accuracy, greatly reducing the chance for costly errors and reducing the need for manual data checking;


QuestFields excel in heavy-use environments, where many users have the need to access data simultaneously;


QuestFields run flawlessly on virtually all web browsers, making them ideally suited for company-wide use as well as for ecommerce and B2B applications.

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