The QuestFields Indexer

When users type into a QuestField on your site, information appears so quickly that it feels as if the user already has a local copy of your entire database. QuestFields provide an optimized link between users and your content: "The Information Wormhole".

Here's how QuestFields work

Your information is stored in files or databases. Users find your information through custom web applications, database applications, and search engines. Leveraging these technology investments, QuestFields access your existing "content engines" to allow users to find and retrieve information at groundbreaking speed. QuestFields communicate with virtually all databases and search engines, and can also read information from files and legacy systems. QuestFields manage the information retrieval process so that information appears faster than in any other application.

But what if your current database or search engine is incapable of returning the right information? What if your search engine is incapable of matching records to only a few characters typed by the user, instead of a full word? What if your database or search engine isn't powerful enough? And what if you don't have a database or search engine at all?

The QuestFields Indexer

Now, QuestFields come with a powerful indexing option that reads your information and indexes it for blazingly fast retrieval. There is no need to change anything in your database or files! Regardless of how your information is stored, with the QuestFields Indexer users will find your information in an instant.

Blazingly fast

The QuestFields Indexer prepares your information for retrieval through QuestFields. The indexer can index over 100,000 records a minute, and will do so in the background so that users experience 24/7 uptime.

Once indexed, information is found at blazing speed. A single QuestFields server can handle hundreds of simultaneous requests (for many thousands of users). For small databases (e.g., 100,000 records), information appears instantly. But even out of 10 million records, the best matches are displayed at sub-second speeds!

Finds information like no other

Unlike other solutions, QuestFields provide answers while users are typing. QuestFields already provide the quickest route to information in your SQL databases and LDAP directories. With the new indexer and built-in retrieval engine, QuestField users will always find your information in an instant. Even if your database contains millions of records and if your current database is slow.

Convince yourself using this live ProductFinder example and watch our 5-minute narrated demo movie.

Optimized and configurable for your data

The QuestFields Indexer comes with numerous options that allow you to fine tune the results displayed to the user.

For example, in a products database, users can type:

What you type What you get
Sony 310i "Sony Ericsson K310i" and the "Sony Ericsson Z310i"
lcd 3070 "Sony KDL-20S3070 LCD Television"
play station "PlayStation 2" and "PlayStation 3"
30a "Lexmark X2470 multifunction" (which has part number 0030A0003)
xb various "Xbox 360" types, but also a bunch of speakers that support the Xbox
22w view various TFT-monitors, such as "Fujitsu Siemens ScaleoView Q22W" and "Fujitsu Siemens ScenicView E22W"
bmw 97628 various BMW 1-Series cars with product number BWMP97628

The ProductFinder QuestField finds thousands of matches in an instant!

MusicFinder Example:

What you type What you get
bb king Finds music containing "BB King" and "B.B. King", showing "BB King" at the top of the list
b.b. king Finds music containing "B.B. King" and "BB King", showing "B.B. King" at the top of the list
andre rieu Finds music containing "Andre Rieu" but also "André Rieu"
jean michel oxigene Finds music by "Jean Michel Jarre" but also "Jean-Michel Jarre"

First things first

Are some of your products on sale? By applying weights to records, you ensure that your "special deals" always appear at the top of the list. Is a user query too broad? Category suggestions will appear at the top of the list.

Prepared to work with your database

The QuestFields indexer will read information from files, from your SQL database, or from your LDAP directory. At configurable intervals, the QuestFields Indexer will check whether your data has changed. If your current format is not yet supported out-of-the-box, MasterObjects provides full-service solutions: We will create a custom plug-in that reads your data. Or, if you prefer, you can have your own developers create these plug-ins. We have customers who created their own plug-in in less than a day!

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