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Taking advantage of the latest browser technologies, Google recently added a “Suggest” feature to the “Labs” section of its website. The Google Suggest feature shows a list of alternate queries to users entering a Google query. The screenshot on the left was taken from Google's lab page, showing the auto-complete interface provided by Google Suggest:

Google Suggest

AutoSuggest QuestField

QuestFields have a considerable lead over simple AJAX implementations such as Google Suggest. For example, by leveraging server intelligence, QuestFields allow users to scroll through large result sets. QuestFields are an end-to-end solution designed to fit into any web page, with no programming or redesign. And the QuestFields Server connects seamlessly to any content source, regardless of whether it's a database, directory, search engine, or legacy system.

MasterObjects’ founders identified this very challenge in 2000 and have filed patents for the QuestFields technology in 2001. Google Suggest and other simplistic “LiveSearch” implementations were introduced in December of 2004, confirming the viability of using DHTML web browsers as clients for delivering dynamic content over the Internet. However, these simplistic "one-off" clients do not provide a reusable (nor easy) solution for large and mission-critical enterprise and ecommerce environments.

In fact, if Google Suggest...

  • Were an enterprise-class commercial product instead of a beta;
  • Were available now as fully supported, highly scalable software application;
  • Could access any data from any content source located on any domain anywhere in the world;
  • Could access multiple content sources simultaneously;
  • Worked on 99% of all browsers, both old and new;
  • Required no reprogramming of existing applications;
  • Provided a built-in indexer and retrieval engine;
  • Could be installed on any HTML page as easily as adding an image;
  • Could be up and running on any website in just a couple of hours;
  • Provided both auto-completion and intelligent in-field search feedback;
  • Used CSS to adapt itself to the look and feel of any website;
  • Had scroll bars and a fully configurable popup list;
  • Supported SSL encryption;
  • Did not increase the load on databases, servers or networks; and
  • Was already in use on the global intranets of several of the world's largest technology companies... would be a QuestField!

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