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About QuestFields

A QuestField is a supercharged, user-friendly data finder that can be easily added to any web page. By instantaneously opening a continuous interactive link between users and your data, a QuestField enables users to find critical information much faster, more accurately, and at lower cost than any web browser technology currently available. User-requested information appears in a QuestField instantly, without the need to click a “submit” button, so users do not wait for the page to refresh.

QuestFields are a great leap forward in the history of web interfaces. Until now, web designers have been limited to static HTML data fields, so finding information required tedious and time-consuming repetition of keystrokes: enter search string, press the submit button, wait for the results page to load, press the back button, and do another query.

For computer users who have become accustomed to the speed and sophistication of native client-server applications, the introduction of browser-based applications was a frustrating step backward in usability and efficiency. Now, QuestFields can make any HTML page look and feel like it is a native application. As users type in a QuestField, vital data is retrieved and displayed almost instantly, significantly increasing data entry speed and accuracy.

Dropped into your HTML pages as reusable components, QuestFields are pre-configured on the server, ensuring secure access to your current data and integrating seamlessly with your existing applications. Because only the data that users actually need is transmitted to the browser, QuestFields minimize network and server load.

AutoSuggest QuestFields

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AutoSuggest QuestFields are the first products based on MasterObjects' QuestFields technology. In the web browser, AutoSuggest QuestFields look similar to a static "combo box". However, AutoSuggest QuestFields have many enhanced usability and layout features. They offer unprecedented performance, retrieving data dynamically from remote databases at groundbreaking speed.

AutoSuggest QuestFields come pre-configured for a variety of valuable uses:

AutoSuggest QuestFields integrate seamlessly into any existing HTML page, effectively serving as a replacement for static input fields.

Adding an AutoSuggest QuestField to a web page is virtually as easy as adding an image!

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