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Although QuestFields are the only available low-cost and programming-free solution for enhancing fields on existing an new websites, the usability aspects of a QuestField are not unique:

  • Auto-completion has existed for years
    Auto-completion (sometimes called "auto-suggest" or "type-ahead") is a very popular feature that has become commonplace in many a standard application. While we type a URL into our web browser, it automatically provides suggestions from a list of URLs that we have used before. When we type an address into our email application, it automatically provides suggestions based on our address book (see screen shot on the right). Features like these have existed for years in "fat client" and "Client/Server" applications on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

    But these dynamic features have only recently started to appear on the web. This is because web browsers have had an inherently limited feature set, and because making data from large databases available to many simultaneous users is not a trivial task. The QuestFields technology was designed specifically to provide the best possible Internet-based solution that works on any web browser: Analyzing string-based input from many distributed users, efficiently querying remote databases, and dynamically displaying the results.

  • Many "Web 2.0" sites offer similar dynamic features
    Using frameworks, reusable client components, and/or custom development, many so-called "Web 2.0" websites now offer dynamic features that were unheard of only a few years ago. These websites have typically invested in a one-off (non-reusable) implementation that is specific for the site involved, and that links only to a specific kind of data. One well-known example that looks similar to a QuestField is Google Suggest, described on the next page.

    QuestFields offer a solution that was developed for this very purpose. The first product, called the AutoSuggest QuestField, is the first available solution that brings web pages into the age of "Web 2.0" without any custom development, on either the client or the server.

    Contrary to custom developing your own solution using a proprietary development tool such as Flex and .NET 2.0, or using AJAX Frameworks (Atlas, GI, Backbase), QuestFields provide an end-to-end solution that offers usability and features that are typically only found in Web 2.0 applications, while not requiring any custom development. Quite significantly, the QuestFields solution also offers high performance and scalability, supporting large numbers of simultaneous users and huge databases.

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