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QuestFields can replace virtually any input field that can be logically linked to data in a database. As users type into a QuestField, the QuestFields Server queries the underlying database using the characters typed by the user as part of each query. Thanks to their generic nature, QuestFields can be used in a wide variety of applications beyond ProductFinder and PeopleFinder.

Below are just a few additional example uses for QuestFields.


QuestFields make it easier than ever to enter or find the right account number. Rather than typing a number, hitting the Return key, and receiving a page saying "unknown number, please try again", a QuestField gives instant feedback to the user, while he or she is typing.

Since the data resides on the server, an AccountFinder QuestField works effortlessly with databases of any size.


When booking a flight, are you expected to enter the exact airport name, city name, state or country name, or airport code?

An AirportFinder QuestField allows you to enter the first characters of any of these, in order to easily find and select the airport you are looking for.

Branch Locator

Rather than forcing you to enter city, state, and/or zip code and then to wait for a new web page to appear, a QuestField immediately provides the address information and phone number you are looking for, without reloading the page.

Of course, a QuestField also supports "submitting" the selected branch to retrieve additional details as they are displayed by your existing web application.

Site Index

Rather than providing you with a predefined, limited number of options to find web pages, a QuestField allows users to find web pages by typing any keyword, regardless of the size of the keyword database.

Rather than being limited to an "A through Z" index with a few hundred selected entries, a QuestField allows to your users to enter keywords from databases containing up to millions of records.

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