ProductFinder QuestFields

ProductFinder QuestFields were optimized for finding products in any database. Whether your database contains 100 or 100 million products, a ProductFinder QuestField makes it easier than ever for website visitors to find and purchase what they are looking for!

ProductFinder QuestFields use your current database or search engine. You can also have the QuestFields Server index and search your product database.

Like any QuestField, a ProductFinder QuestField allows users to start typing the first characters of a product name (really, the first characters of any word in the product name) to activate a query. The QuestFields Server immediately goes out to your product database and quickly shows the first matches, while the user is typing.

List Formatting

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A ProductFinder QuestField shows product names and any other metadata that is available in your database. Various result list configuration options are available, including formats that display product names on multiple lines. Metadata can also include URLs and images, which can become clickable hyperlinks in the result list.

Like in other QuestFields, users can submit the value found, just like a static input field in traditional web applications. Therefore, to take advantage of the features, performance, and usability of a ProductFinder QuestField, there is no need to re-design or re-develop your current web application.

Mobile ProductFinder

ProductFinder QuestFields can be used from virtually any desktop browsers and can also be licensed for use on mobile devices. Desktop and Mobile QuestFields can even share the same list layout, as shown on the right. It is also possible to implement a list layout that adopts itself to the user's platform.


ProductFinder QuestFields are available in various standard configurations. However, like any QuestField, ProductFinder QuestFields can be easily customized to further suit your specific application needs. Customization options include multi-line result lists, various color and font options, and custom icons and links. In fact, thanks to its modular architecture and powerful client-side UI technologies, a QuestField can be enhanced with virtually any additional user interface option.

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