PeopleFinder QuestFields

The PeopleFinder QuestField is a QuestField optimized for looking up people in your corporate directory or your people database. A PeopleFinder QuestField looks up people from huge databases and displays contact details in an instant.

QuestFields enable Internet, intranet, and mobile users to find corporate data faster and more easily than ever before. Unlike other "Rich Internet Application" technologies, QuestFields provide an end-to-end solution that does not require custom development. The highly efficient QuestFields Server connects seamlessly to your existing databases. Within a couple of hours, a PeopleFinder QuestField can be up an running on your own web pages.

Customer Success Story

Major companies are using the PeopleFinder QuestField on their worldwide corporate intranets. The PeopleFinder QuestField allows users to quickly look up employee data such as phone numbers and email addresses. Users now browse through many thousands of records without ever having to press a submit button or reload a page.

QuestFields technology is of incredible value to any enterprise and pays for itself in just weeks or months. Download our Customer Success Story and see how a single PeopleFinder QuestField saves millions of dollars -- every year!

PeopleFinder QuestField

Let QuestFields technology rev up your current static search field in record time. With the PeopleFinder QuestField, you can type in some of a first or last name, or some of each, then choose from results in a drop-down area that appears immediately, while you type. Or type in just enough for the autocomplete to finish with the correct name. Double-clicking a name from the drop down or hitting <Enter> for the autocompleted name takes you directly to the appropriate directory page.

Flexible Result List Layout

The PeopleFinder QuestField comes pre-configured for content channels that return people data. Depending on metadata returned by your server (name, address, job title, phone number, location, email address, etc.), the QuestField dropdown list can display information in various ways.

With no programming required, the PeopleFinder content channel can be configured to return various optional metadata columns.

Below are a few examples of how the standard PeopleFinder QuestField formats metadata in the results list:

  • SMITH, JOHN - Accounting (New York) +1 XXX XXX-XXXX
  • SMITH, JOHN (New York) +1 XXX XXX-XXXX
  • SMITH, JOHN (+1 XXX XXX-XXXX) Software sales
  • SMITH, JOHN - (XXX) XXX-XXXX Accounting

Mobile Demos (

Mobile PeopleFinder

PeopleFinder QuestFields can be used from virtually any desktop browsers and can also be licensed for use on mobile devices. Mobile QuestFields enable your users to quickly and easily look up a colleague, department, student, or staff member while on the road.


A standard PeopleFinder QuestField offers very flexible layout options. However, like any QuestField, the PeopleFinder QuestField can be customized at very low cost to further suit your specific application needs. Customization options include multi-line result lists, various color and font options, and additional icons (such as an icon that integrates the QuestFields into a telephone API). In fact, thanks to its modular architecture and powerful client-side UI technologies, a QuestField can be enhanced with virtually any additional user interface option.

Email Address Handling

If the metadata includes an email address, it is displayed as an email icon appended to the right of the string. When the user clicks on this icon, the user's email application is opened allowing the user to quickly send an email.

If the result string is too long to display both the phone number and the email icon, the email icon automatically becomes transparent, revealing itself only when the user hovers the mouse over it. In this case, the person's phone number and email address are displayed at the bottom of the list.

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